Welcome to Maryhill Clayworks

Welcome to Maryhill Clayworks, a very small pottery and sculpture shop that sits on the edge of the dairy farm where Jacques Schickel was born. He grew up in a family of 8 brothers and 5 sisters in Dryden, NY about 12 miles north of Ithaca. After spending a year as an exchange student living in Venezuela, Schickel studied sculpture at Boston University. Thus, along with his brothers and cousins, he began following in the artistic and design traditions of his family -- his great grandfather, both grandfathers, and an uncle. His artistic quest has led him in several directions, working in foundries and for many years as a model maker and product designer, sharpening his eye and instructing his hand in precision of expression. Now he has returned to his source to produce fine art which delights as it is used daily in making a home.

My latest creation:

a new cameo ornament

Beautiful Mildred

"Mildred had no idea she was so beautiful..."

cameo ornament

"So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee." - Wm Shakespeare
You can find her and make her your own on my Ornaments Page

The French Flavored Vase


This vase is a beautiful picket fence around your flower garden. find it on the Vase Page .

New for the Holiday Season
ornament menagerie

Our new Christmas ornaments are ready for hanging on your tree. Click on Ornaments. Keep your Jacques Schickel ornament collection up to date with each of this year's additions. They will not only be valuable someday; they are valuable now.

saucer beauty

Garnish your holiday table using our handy five inch Shouldered Saucers. They hold most anything good and may be found on our Salt of the Earth page.


This is a life-size sculpture of the head of an Hanoverian horse living in Brookfield Vermont. You can find it on my Sculpture Page

"I am a proud collector of the beautiful and whimsical work of Jacques Schickel. Every time I use a bowl, vase or plate from Maryhill Clayworks, I'm reminded of a country garden on a languid summer day."
Amy Dickinson,
syndicated advice columnist,
"Ask Amy"


et cetera

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