The Vase Page "Still Life with Flowers"

Or you may say the vahse pahge if you prefer. We carry a good assortment of vases for all uses, ranging from a receptacle for one exquisite blossom to a sturdy vessel for a baroque explosion of finery. You can never have enough vases is what I have always said. Of course, I do make them.

French Flavored Vase


Inspired by my imaginary travels through the French countryside, this vase sets off your spray with understated elegance. It is the perfect size for every day use. Flowers in this vase are: ageratum, victoria blue salvia, zinnias, and dill. Hand thrown, hand painted and signed by the artist.

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Flower Power Vase


This little vase is one of our most popular models. It is just the right size for one turn about the garden with your shears. Don't run with them.

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Milk Pail


Fetch a pail of flowers to hang on your wall or even on your door. See it pictured on our Home Page for the idea.

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"I am a proud collector of the beautiful and whimsical work of Jacques Schickel. Every time I use a bowl, vase or plate from Maryhill Clayworks, I'm reminded of a country garden on a languid summer day."
Amy Dickinson,
syndicated advice columnist,
"Ask Amy"


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